Saturday, 2 May 2015

Thought: Blogs in Brief

Oh hello weekend! Being the official start of summer this Blogs in Brief comes from lands afar

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On Friday, I am venturing out on my first two week holiday in over 4 years. I am very excited about it, after months of dreaming, saving and planning it's finally here!

I'm off to the sunny state of South Carolina to spend some time with family, find some adventures on a beach and not look at a spreadsheet for two whole weeks. In celebration, here is a selection of wonderful blogs for a bit of Southern inspiration:

Slim Pickins Kitchen, a wonderful array of delicious healthy snacks and treats to try out, I cannot wait to try these clean eating caramel eggs.

For a bit of style inspiration straight from Charleston, have a wonder around Topknots and Polkadots.

And for a little bit of everything else take a look through the beautiful Blanc.

Where is your next adventure?

J x

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Life: Six Ways to Fit Real Relaxation into Your Week

A's top tips for fitting me-time into your busy schedule

It's around this time of year, when Christmas seems but a distant memory and Summer feels like it might never arrive, you find yourself thinking you'd do just about anything for a holiday. But it's April, and who's got the time, let alone the money, for a holiday?

Recently I realised I needed to do something about my so-called work-life balance, so over the past few months, I've been working out how to change my lifestyle to achieve a balanced, more restful state. Holidays are definitely A. Good. Thing. but I wanted to stop surviving the week to get to the weekend, and surviving the month to get to my next holiday, etc. 

Here are some of the things I've learnt along the way that have helped me find rest...

This will be different for everyone, some of you might already be fully fledged gym bunnies, and some of you may be more of the walking-in-heels-is-enough-exercise-for-me type of girl, but if Elle Woods ever taught us anything, it's that exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy. 
At the moment I'm doing yoga twice a week in the comfort of my own home. At other times I've been a member of a yoga studio, which was wonderful, and in other seasons, I've gone running. What I'm trying to say is, it matters less what you do, but a bit of regular exercise really does make you feel good, and really is quite good for you!

Eat well
Another contentious one, as no-one seems to agree on what eating well is. However, a bit of common sense will go a long way here. Try reading R's thoughts on clean and lean eating.

Light a candle
Light me a candle and I'm immediately remembering candlelit dinners, Christmas times and bubble baths. This association is powerful enough to help me to relax as soon as I light a candle. Any candle will do, but a deliciously scented one will do better.

Read a book
I recently cottoned on to the fact that as soon as I immersed myself in the fictional world of a good book, my real life worries completely disappeared. Although definitely not a long term solution to real life problems, reading a gripping yarn helps me distance myself when situations threaten to become overwhelming.

Take a mini-retreat
If you're lacking the funds to go on a getaway, or just don't have a weekend spare, why not block out a weekday evening, or even book a day off work, and treat yourself to a home retreat day? Plan out the day in advance to include the most relaxing things you can think off, and treat it like a proper holiday.
The other day I tried this out - I got up early enough to seize the day but not too early, had a cup of tea in bed, did half an hour of gentle yoga, had a healthy breakfast, and spent the rest of the morning reading and looking out of the window. And you know what, it felt amazing!

Go for a walk
This is not rocket science here, but going for a walk, be it 20 minutes or two hours, in the fresh air, is guaranteed to make you feel good. It gets your heart pumping, your body moving, gets fresh air into your lungs, clears your head, breaks through mental blocks, kick-starts imagination... I could go on.

I'm sure none of this is news to any of you, but being intentional about the things we know are good for us is important. It's all too easy to get caught up in the business and the busyness of life and complain we don't have the time to do any of these things, but take a moment to schedule them in and they'll become their own rewards.

A x

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Style: Spring in My Step

Slip your feet into something more seasonally appropriate this spring.

R~A~J~E are kicking off their winter boots and getting their feet into something more spring like. Find our what's top of our wish lists these days...

"It was love at first sight with these classic beauties. I'll be pairing them with chinos, a boyfriend shirt and un-done hair for the perfect relaxed Spring look."
Mules: £55.00 from Clarks
R x

"I first spied these Nike Air Max's on Instagram and it was love at first sight. Released on International Women's Day, this collection is inspired by eight cities of the world, and is a women's only range (almost unheard of in sneakerland!) Typically I was drawn to the Milan edition, with it's gorgeous bronze colourway and (slightly more!) subtle print. And don't the flowers just make them perfect for Spring!"

Trainers: £160.00 Offspring
A x 

"I am a big boot fan, and a black boot fan at that. Spring shoes are always a tricky one with unpredictable weather, so these are a perfect mix of practical with a bit of spring freshness."

Boots: £125.00 from & Other Stories 
J x 

"I chose these white leather spring shoes as they're versatile enough to wear with almost anything, giving a spring outfit a more polished look. With the English weather they seem like they'd keep me a bit covered and dry in the April showers for my London commute."

Sandals: £52.00 from Topshop
E x

As the days hot up, what will you be adorning your feet with?

A x

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Thought: BIB - Fashion Revolution Special

Catch up with R~A~J~E this weekend.

It's been a busy week in R~A~J~E land, and IRL, so apologies for the lack of blog posts! To make up for it, we have some gorgeous posts lined up for you next week.

This time last week we were shooting the beautiful upcoming Ellie Lines collection for a special festival themed blog post (...coming soon!), we celebrated the things that make living in England quite so special on St George's Day and yesterday we remembered the disaster at the Rana Plaza and marked the second annual Fashion Revolution Day.

The Fashion Revolution is a movement across the world demanding transparency from fashion retail brands about their sourcing and manufacturing processes. This is a long overdue and much needed response to the terrible state of the fashion industry and it is encouraging that so many people all around the world are engaging in the issue. Find out more about the movement here.

And if you want to keep up with our adventures on a day to day basis, you can find us (along with everyone who's anyone) over on Instagram @RAJEdesign. We guarantee multiple shots of coffee, a healthy dose of #foodporn, a smattering of selfies, beauty, fashion, and the occasional deep thought.

Whatever kind of week you've had, for now just enjoy the wonderful elevated, endless feeling that Saturday always seems to bring - happy weekend everyone!

A x