Wednesday, 21 January 2015

WWW: E Dresses Up

E is awfully fancy

Not too long ago us R~A~J~Er's all got together and went for some lovely cocktails. I wore my LGD (little green dress) which is good for my body shape as it emphasises my small waist, while the higher neckline makes my shoulders look more even to my hips. 

To make the dress a little more like evening wear I paired it with some simple accessories - Fuchsia lipstick and my beloved Burberry clutch and some red nail varnish. I think it might of worked, what do you think? 

Green dress - Topshop // Green stone necklace - M&S // Red clutch bag - Burberry // Shoes - Urban Outfitters // Lipstick - Barry M

E x

Monday, 19 January 2015

R~A~J~E move on

R~A~J~E start a new chapter

This post is a celebration of sorts. R~A~J~E have spent longer than I care to remember travelling to Birmingham to meet for the day and work. This had many downsides, the fact we ended up in a unfamiliar, rainy city being just one. Late 2014 I finally made the move to London and early 2015 E joined me, and so marks the start of a new chapter. 

With meetings held in our favourite city, seeing each other more often and the promise of an incredibly challenging but productive 24 months I'm raring to see where R~A~J~E takes us next. 

R x

Sunday, 18 January 2015

What We Wore: A Is Bright And Bold

A interrupts a season of black with a burst of colour

What with Winter arriving, the tumult of leaving my job, the stress of job-hunting and the roller-coaster of emotions of having a bit of a life re-think, my wardrobe has suffered somewhat. I've resorted to a lot of normcore and a lot of black. It's comforting, easy, one less thing to think about, and a little bit sentimental if you were there for normcore's first incarnation.

But though layers of black, grungy no-name pieces and messy up-do's are all very well, they're just not me. Not for long, anyway. I put a deliberate stop to all this grunge and for a family day out, constructed an outfit practically bursting with colour and pattern.

Donning my beloved R~A~J~E Almost Smart skirt, which has sat unworn for too long, I wrapped up for the brisk winters day in layers of leopard print and finished the look off with my beautifully colourful Roshe Run Dynasty's and metallic handbag.

That cold December day, the sun shone, as if to honour my effort to be bright again.

A wears // sunnies: River Island (mens) // scarf and bag: M&S // jacket: Topshop // skirt: R~A~J~E // trainers: Nike //

A x

Friday, 16 January 2015

How to Wear Lipstick in the Daytime

To quote the ever-quotable Audrey Hepburn, "I believe in primping at leisure and wearing lipstick".

Things were getting bad. I needed to get myself out of the beauty rut I'd got stuck in. Everyday I'd do the same thing, heavily made-up face with a big cat-eye flick of eyeliner and either a smokey eye or a bold lip. So, a change. Characteristically, I made a big change, and have since been mostly seen sporting minimal make-up, with little or no eye-make up, a hint of mascara and a slosh of gloss on my lips.

Perfectly complimenting my new beauty look is my new lipstick from Mac. It's an orangey-pink frost called rather mysteriously CB 96 and is the ideal neutral lipstick for my yellow skin-tone. This subtle, frosted lipstick adds a hint of colour without being too attention grabbing (like the majority of my other lipsticks!)

I love that I can still wear lipstick, still primp and preen to my heart's content, but not look overly 'done' or too 'made-up'. Thanks Mac, for my perfect daytime lipstick!

A x