Sunday, 24 April 2016

Style: Skirts for Spring

A finds the skirts that will see you through spring into summer.

Spring is here! Pack away those jumpers and tights and bring on the skirts. I may be getting a little ahead of myself, but around this time of year, I get very excited about skirts, the promise of summer, and my legs start to make a tentative appearance. This is my roundup of skirts that will be brilliant right now (maybe with a pair of boots and thick socks or even opaques) and will serve you well right through the summer.

Playtime - M&S have come up with the most perfect summer skirt, the cheery, yellow colour just sings 'summer', the fit is relaxed, and long enough for frolicking; sitting cross-legged; or even skipping, should the summer mood really seize you. Great for those of us with generous hips, this loose, gathered style will disguise the size and show off slim lower legs. Neat, huh?

Summer Staple - I don't know a single woman who's gone through life without a denim skirt. This classic number from Braintree can be styled with some wedges and a floaty shirt to embody this season's 70's vibe. Or wear it with a neat little t-shirt and trainers to channel your inner 90's girl. Great for creating the illusion of curves on a pair of non-existent hips.

Work Skirt - the answer to staying cool and smart in the summer has been provided in the form of this button down skirt by Topshop Boutique. The straight, midi cut will look brilliant on long legs, even adding elegance to the most ungainly of Bambi legs. It's made in Britain too, doncha know.

Long Weekend - COS can be relied upon to deliver a plethora of beautiful basics every season, and this summer is no different. An easy skirt in a colour and cut you can wear almost anywhere, over and over again. Great for showing off a slim waist and skimming flatteringly over larger hips.

Lounging Around - this is the cosiest skirt known to man, perfect for kicking back on a cool summer's evening. Maxi skirts that skim the hips and fall right to the floor are a godsend for those with short legs, especially worn slightly above the hip, creating the illusion of legs that never end. Thank you Ralph Lauren.

Summer Wedding - summer is full of fancy events, and even in our temperate climate, it's hard to look elegant whilst sweating profusely. This maxi skirt from The Reformation is the solution. The colour and fabric are dressy enough for a wedding, while the fit will keep you cool all day long. 

A x

P.S. As always, we only recommend brands that we really love, that are making great progress with sustainability/ make quality clothes to last/ are pioneers in eco/ ethical/ sustainable fashion.

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