Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Edit: The Blanket Scarf

R's pick of this season's blanket scarf offerings

Sticking to classic stripes or heritage check, I'm lusting after these three chic and cosy cover-ups. 

R x 

Monday, 17 November 2014

Boom Cycle Review

R falls in love with Boom Cycle

There were many things that excited me about moving to London: more coffee/food/bar options, proximity to family and friends, better career prospects, green spaces, art exhibitions and less wind than Liverpool to name a few. However, embarrassingly close to the top of my list was 'getting to go to Boom Cycle'. 

A spin class held in the dark with loud music just sounded like absolute heaven to me, so a week after moving I booked into my first class. Happily situated on the same road as my workplace, I've been going to the 7.30 am classes then making the most of Boom Cycle's luxurious shower and changing facilities before strutting into the office feeling more than a little bit smug. 

Group exercise can be hit or miss for me, but the atmosphere at Boom Cycle is all about being empowered, working hard and having a lot of fun - so it's a yes from me! 

My first class was fantastic, with a sound track of old school hip hop and the lights down low, I feel in love with the heart pounding routine and endorphin-releasing experience. Class two was with Bangs and a Bun, a blogger/fitness enthusiast/wonderful person who I've been following for a while - needless to say, she rocked it. With great music, a challenging routine and an instructor full of energy and timely "dig deeper" words just when you need them, Boom Cycle has totally won me over. 

I have to admit there are very few blogs I read every single week, but Bang's is one of them. She combines a warts and all honestly with endless optimism, enthusiasm and wisdom meaning I usually finish reading each post fully confident that I can actually change the world - now that is a talented writer. 

At one point Bangs said "If you don't feel like you're dancing then you're not doing it right", now just imagine that - dancing on a bike. Amazing I know. If you don't get it then come along to Boom Cycle, you'll know what she means as soon as that first Jay-Z track drops. 

R x

Thursday, 13 November 2014

Heels You Can Walk In

R explores the ups and downs of high heels, sorting the blister-inducing from the sole soothing

Being a 9-5'er I spend a large amount of time in high heels. I am a lover of flats, especially  of the mannish and ugly variety and when an outfit calls for a certain amount of grounding or a bit of attitude I am more than happy to slip into my most brutish of DMs. I also believe flats are smart enough for the corporate world, you see it's all in the wearing. Combine flats with sharp tailoring and good posture and you'll out-smart all the suits in court shoes. 

However, that being said, there are certain days when extra height is needed. Either I have a terrifying meeting where being able to 'sit at the table' (see Lean In) requires a confidence boost, and being able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the other attendees certainly helps. There are also those days when you just want to wear your bodycon black dress, but you ate lots of pizza last night and so some extra leg-lengthening is greatly appreciated. 

As such, I have done the leg work (ahem) when it comes to walkable heels and have rounded up the best of this A/W's offering at the moment, all from brands I know create comfortable offerings. 

I pity the woman who chooses Zara, Topshop or dare I even say it New Look heels - you're asking for trouble. 

R x 

Monday, 10 November 2014

WWW: A Attemps Normcore

Before it gets too cold we flash back to a hazy warm autumn when A let her inner grunger loose

Being of impressionable age in the 90's means there'll forever be a part of me that's devoted to grunge; at home in something faded, ripped or torn. The little grunger inside of me rejoices at the proliferation of the normcore trend that is slowly but surely sweeping the country (world?) this year. 

Normcore, at it's most philosophical, is a rejection of capitalism, of brash, branded, luxury goods, and a defiant stand for normal, understated and accessible style. At it's most basic, it's a non-style, jeans, sweaters, sports shoes – think early Friends, Steve Jobs, Nirvana...Seinfeld(!)

So anyone can do it, right?  Here's me doing my normcore best in pale, torn jeans, a goregously grungey tee I picked up at Hackney weekend and my new guilty pleasure, my Adidas sliders. I was doing well until my desire for bling went and over-accessorised with a big statement necklace, a thousand rings and my sparkly Micheal Kors watch. Normcore fail. 

Before I go, I have to confess to another nineties throwback I just can't stop wearing; brown lip-gloss! 

A wears // t-shirt: Hackney Weekend // jeans: Topshop Boutique // shoes: Adidas // necklace: Topshop // rings: various // watch: Michael Kors //

A x