Monday, 29 September 2014

Learning to Love Small Boobs

The virtues of small boobs

For me high school was almost entirely unforgettable, a series of dull lessons given by dull teachers who demonstrated no reason for me to listen to them. What I do remember however, was around year 8/9 when a few of my friends started to develop boobs, and I didn't. Don't get me wrong, there was a decent progression from an A cup to a B - but on the whole, rather unimpressive. 

The next 5 or so years saw me buy padded bras, avoid low cut necklines and generally feel envious of my friends, my sister and seemingly the world's ample bosoms. This may sound normal but when you think about it, it's terrible. I spent my formative years wishing my body was something it wasn't, disliking a beautiful part of my healthy, functioning body. Looking back I needed some serious perspective. 

The past few years have seen my body settle into a slim Hourglass shape, with shoulders equal to hips, a small waist and my same, small boobs. The past few years have also seen me learn to love my small boobs. 

I love that boobs isn't the first thing people notice about me, I love the way clothes hang elegantly from my chest and I love how they look - small and unobtrusive in an intricate lace bra. 

Just as real women don't always have curves, there is no winner when it comes to bra size. I love my small boobs yes, because they suit me and they work on my body. I also love challenging the idea that Hourglass shapes all have to have big boobs, they don't. This doesn't mean that small boobs are always better though, A and J both carry larger bra sizes really well - looking elegant and classy.

However, just in case there are any women out there still hating their beautiful boobs I've put together a pro list to convince you of their virtues:

1. No backache
2. Easy to dress (the reason models don't usually have big boobs)
3. Easier and cheaper to buy bras
4. Low necklines don't look hussy-ish
5. Kate Moss
6. Sienna Miller
7. Natalie Portman

Now, if any of you think, for a moment (even just one fleeting moment) "oh but men prefer bigger boobs". Then please put on an apron, fall pregnant and head back to the 1950s because really, we're onto the fourth wave of feminism now and I would hope we've made more progress than that...

R x

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Winter Coats A/W14

R shows us the best of A/W14's coat offerings on the High St

It's finally reached that wonderful (if a little expensive) time of year when you're allowed to buy yourself a new winter coat. Me and my lovely flat mate have a slight problem with coats, by slight, we both have between 10-15 each. Our hallway cupboard is now home to a rail full of coats as our bedrooms just couldn't fit them all in! Despite this I still approach every Autumn with renewed excitement at the prospect of buying a new coat. 

Now you may argue, but each of my coats serve a clear purpose and I still wear the ones I bought ten years ago to this day - this is thanks to planning, careful spending and investing in quality. 

This year I am lusting after a maxi wool coat to drape dramatically over luxuriously printed and loosely fitted dressed with a mannish bottle-green brogue just poking out. *sigh*

However their is a multitude of coat options out there to seriously tempt you - I've grouped a few together to help you navigate the highs and lows of new season outerwear. 

Shop Blanket Coats: ASOS Kimono Coat, Burberry Blanket Coat, Stella McCartney Blanket Coat, Topshop Unique Blanket Coat, Isabal Marant Blanket Coat

Shop Boyfriend Coats: J. Crew Boyfriend Coat,Topshop Boyfriend Coat, ISSA Boyfriend Coat, Giada Forte Boxy Coat, MSGM Blazer Coat

Shop Parka Jackets: Mary Katrantzou Parka, & Other Stories RTW Parka, Whistles Wax Parka, Gap Parka, Julien David Parka.   

Shop Printed Coats: Cedric Charlier Coat, Mary Katrantzou Coat, Christopher Kane Coat, YMC Coat, Saint Laurent Coat

Shop Maxi Coats: ASOS Maxi Mac, Free People Maxi Coat, Anne Klein Maxi Coat, Mango Coat, Ganni Long Coat.

R x

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Diary of a Corporate Girl

Introducing new becomingraje blogger, Corporate Girl. Enjoy her stylish musings, frustrated ventings and insights into a fashionable life. 

Oh R~A~J~E'rs what can I say? This blog has been a long time coming! After years of enduring the cascades of nonesense that constantly surrounds me in hyper-corporate-land I have amassed a bundle of war stories, comedy highlights and fashionable insights that it's high time I share. To kick off, some classic office life revelations.

You know you've worked in a corporate office too long when:

  • You sigh at the new iPhone 5s they give you
  • You have to actively try and not use those corporate buzz words that mean nothing e.g. Blue Sky Thinking
  • You turn those buzz words into a game: Nonsense Bingo. 5 points for 'moving forward', 'for future reference' or receiving a forwarded email with just 'fyi' in the body.10 points for 'high level objectives & deliverables', 'risk assessment' or 'timeline'. 20 points for 'taskforce', 'bi-monthly' or 'business case'

So back to life - my double life. A lot of the time I joke about being a superhero, working one job while actually being dedicated to another (R~A~J~E). But it's actually exhausting, not just the physical time constraints and energy that both positions require, but also that constant feeling of living a lie.

As a result life can get a bit difficult, having social plans is a bit of a stretch and sometimes putting together a vaguely decent outfit is an achievement in itself. Over the coming months I will share the highs and lows of surviving in hyper-corporate-land and juggling a day job with your real dream. Stay tuned. 

Feel free to tweet your corporate frustrations to @RAJEdesign #corporategirl 

Love, CG x

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Milan Fashion Week SS15: The Low Down

A's pick of the bunch from Milan Fashion Week.

As the festivities draw to a close in Milan and the frow-sen few jet across the continent to Paris, we take a look back at the highlights of a frankly spectacular fashion week.

A whirlwind of romance and fairytale. Stefano and Domenico bid us journey with them into the romantic past of Sicily and explore the Spanish heritage in deep and dark blacks and reds. Sultry, sexy as always, and utterly compelling. And the most sumptuous treatment of the tuxedo we've seen for a long time.

Key piece: a cropped matador jacket to add some romance to your smart look.

Rodolfo Paglialunga made his debut at Jil Sander this season and asked 'what is minimal?' I'm not sure I know the answer still, but this confident, beautiful collection presents a very convincing argument. With this schoogirl-inspired collection for 'real women' and 'real life' Paglilunga has just about solved every woman's work-wear puzzle. 

Key piece: a crisp cream shirt, paired with schoolgirl blues and maroons, that'll become your work-wear wardrobe staple.

Like walking works-of-art, the models played out Antonio Marras' Japanese vision along the catwalk. Gowns depicting semi-abstract garden scenes and florals in bold monochrome with swathes of orange and blue. Sandals like those of a modest geisha. Feminine. Bold. Delicate. Breathtaking.

Key piece: a printed gown for a fairytale wedding.

The prints were delicate, feminine; the cut-work was intricate and the fabrics and colours carefully matched, but nothing was fussy. The collection was fresh, modern, light and the models stood tall and confident in their sensible gladiator sandals.

Key piece: a cigarette pant, preferably worn with an artfully printed top.

A lesson in smart-casual, Armani promises a summer sipping prosecco aboard a white yacht on an azure sea. Failing that, perfect nautical in the city with bold stripes, head-to-toe cobalt and smart separates.

Key piece: a blue and white stripe jumper to throw on in the cool summer evenings.

If that doesn't get you excited about spring-summer, I don't know what will. I know I've got a mental shopping list as long as my arm!

Watch this space for J's run-down of Paris fashion week.

A x