Friday, 4 September 2015

Style: Fashion Week Magic Moments

A's pick of the best fashion shows of all time.

As the fashion world gears itself up for its busiest month, we take a look at some of the most amazing fashion shows ever staged; from the ground-breaking to the breath-taking.

The Battle of Versailles, a huge charity catwalk event in 1973, was a defining moment in fashion history. Five American designers were pitted against five French designers, widely acknowledged as the best in the world. The traditional, refined catwalk of the French met by the loud, fun, colourful fashion of the Americans. This single day is credited with winning America a place in the fashion world, and since then we have seen America fashion not only copy French, but produce it's own innovative and unique designs, designers and trends.

Dior saw its 100th anniversary back in 2005 and John Galliano made sure they saw it in with style. He created a magical abandoned Edwardian garden and a host of romantically ruined gowns inspired by the era that birthed the house of Christian Dior.

Alexander McQueen created sensational show after sensational show, but possibly the piece de resistance was his hologram of Kate Moss in the autumn-winter show of 2006. 
McQueen continued to push the boundaries of fashion and technology until his very last show in 2010, which featured his now famous armadillo shoes and was the first fashion week show to be live-streamed on the internet.
2009: Alexander McQueen's Last Ever Show
Alexander McQueen always pushed the boundaries in fashion and his SS10 show, 'Plato’s Atlantis', was typically avant-garde. McQueen delivered his now iconic Armadillo shoes, some out-of-this-world digital prints and the first-ever fashion week live stream, all in a single show. We didn't know at the time that this collection would be his last which, in hindsight, makes it even more special

In the running for most exotic fashion show ever is Pierre Cardin's spring summer 2008 show which took place in the desert, alongside the ancient silk road route in China.

Fendi scoured a coup in 2008 by showing their spring summer collection on, actually on, the Great Wall of China.

Not content with the Great Wall of China, Karl Lagerfeld created a working carousel for the Chanel autumn-winter 2008 show. This huge, verging on the kitsch, novelty catwalk perfectly sums up the Chanel confidence in it's own brand.

For Marc Jacobs' autumn-winter 2012 show,artist Rachel Feinstein, created a fairytale wonderland of cut paper for the models to inhabit.

Marc Jacobs did Louis Vuitton proud for spring summer 2013. The escalators and chess-board flooring was simple, elegant and one of the most high-impact catwalk sets ever. It perfectly housed the collection, and the concept was beautifully transitioned into the print campaign.

A x

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Style: An Ethical Engagement Ring

J shares a bit about her newly acquired engagement ring...

I presume that buying an engagement ring must be pretty daunting, I can only imagine the multitude of thoughts swimming around one's mind, all along the lines of "but what if she doesn't like it?". People are particular about jewellery; stones, cuts, metals, it says a lot about a person and even more so when it is an engagement ring that you will own and wear for the rest of your life! Pretty tricky. But what if you add in that the person you are buying the ring for is someone who likes the things she wears to be as ethical and sustainable as possible?!

Incredibly, the boyf not only took on the task of choosing a ring pretty much single handedly, he also knew I wouldn't be happy with just a generic ring from any old jewellers.

He found jewellery designer Cred, who source fairtrade yellow and white golds and platinum. In their own words, their precious stones are ethically sourced, responsibly mined, and deliver economic justice to all the people involved in their extraction and production.

Pretty phenomenal right? AND they are also just so pretty. Here are a few from their beautiful collection...

J x

Friday, 28 August 2015

Life: Dreams of Italian Interiors

A lets her mind drift off back to Italy for a while.

I was momentarily distracted from my work this afternoon by my Mum asking if I thought a gold shower curtain might be just the thing. I suggested it might look very Italian, and go nicely with our new stone soap dish we recently brought back from Florence. 

One thought of Italy, and my mind is back there, lazing in the sun on the terrace, cooking and enjoying the coolness of the tiled kitchen floor, revelling in the distressed grandeur that so typifies many Italian interiors. So on this rainy Friday, I'm indulging myself with some beautiful Italian interiors in which to lose myself, while I dream of sunnier climes. Why don't you join me?

You're welcome. And yes, there's always wine.

A x

P.S. All these images and more can be found on Pinterest if your appetite is only whetted!

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Life: E Goes Freelance

E shares what she's learnt so far, from going freelance.

Little did I know what 2015 had in store for me and oh, boy, what an adventure its been so far! I decided to go freelance in photography, shortly after moving to the big smoke and it's been pretty scary but also very worth it. I thought I'd share a few practical (and a few whimsical) thoughts about what I've learnt so far. 

First things first - Sort your diary out!

Most people that know me, will know that scheduling isn't my strong point. So a big challenge for me has been learning to put EVERYTHING in my diary and being strict with time management. This can work both ways, if I have a long to-do list, I prioritise it daily - I've learnt to dare to deal with the most urgent, scariest and hardest tasks first. 

Time management is also important when it comes to taking time off. Working for yourself can be tough and it's tempting to sometimes not take a day off but if you don't, no-one else is going to make you. Busy is great as a freelancer but don't burn yourself out. Especially when you're trying to fit in a photo-shoot and editing from your last shoot, in the same day. So learn from me and be realistic with when you should stop, otherwise you'll be eating into your next day's work. Balance is key and more importantly in your in control! 

Staying positive

Working for yourself can be very rewarding, everything you sew you reap and therefore when things go well, it's all down to you. - Yay! However it's tough when you make a mistake and again, it's all down to you. As a freelancer you need to be able to stay positive and move on. You're going to 'fail' at some point there's no doubt about that, so just make sure you learn from it rather than resent it. 
Stay connected and social

Something that is probably very obvious is remembering to stay connected. It's important to keep your social media platforms up to date. That way if you still need to update your website, people can still see your recent work. Get to know clients your working with and more importantly, it shows that you're busy. 
Try not to worry

At the beginning finances can be tough, and I'm still learning, but really do try not to worry. Take each day as it comes, however cliche that might sound. I've realised that freelance work comes usually when you least expect it. Sometimes I won't feel that booked up, then suddenly there aren't enough days in the week! So make sure you make the most of those quiet days, they're a blessing in disguise, trust me. Why not take the opportunity to update your website, contact potential clients or learn a new skill. That way there's no time wasted.

I'm still learning all of these things and more, so do let me know if you have any top tips of your own. If you fancy having a look at any of my photography work then you'd be very welcome, on my website

E x